Hainault: Boy, 14, killed in sword attack (2024)

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By Jess Warren

BBC News

A 14-year-old boy has died after an attacker armed with a sword went on the rampage in north-east London.

Police were called to reports of a car crashing into a house and people being stabbed in Hainault at about 07:00 BST.

The boy was taken to hospital where he later died.

Four other people, including two police officers, were injured before the suspect - who had been leaping over people's garden fences - was cornered and Tasered in a front garden.

The 36-year-old man was arrested and the Metropolitan Police said he was in hospital being treated for injuries sustained when the vehicle he was in crashed into the house.

His condition meant he had not yet been interviewed, police added.

Assistant Commissioner Louisa Rolfe said their investigations had not discovered any previous contact between the man and the police.

Footage shared on social media showed a man with a long knife in Laing Close.

Ch Supt Stuart Bell acknowledged there would be "understandably, a desire for answers and an explanation as to what happened" and officers were working to "establish the full facts".

Image source, UGC

He described the officers' stab wounds as "significant" but not life-threatening.

The injuries of the two other members of the public were also "not believed to be life-threatening".

Ch Supt Bell said police did not believe there was any ongoing threat to the wider public and they were not seeking any other suspects.

He added he did not believe it was terror-related and was not a "targeted" attack.

Witness James Fernando said he saw the suspect ask one of his neighbours to take his phone and "tell whoever was on the phone his location".

The 39-year-old said the neighbour soon noticed the sword and started running.

As she fled, the woman shouted to another neighbour, a boy on his way to school, who was then struck by the attacker as he turned around, he said.

'Took him down'

Another eyewitness, Chris Bates, who lives in Thurlow Gardens, said he saw the suspect run through the area.

"He ran through the gardens and came out on to the street by the house next door to me," he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

"The police were there. He then ran down to two doors down, and tried to get on the sort of scaffold, and they Tasered him and took him down."

Image source, Peter Kingdom

Manpreet Singh, who also witnessed the attack, told BBC Radio 5 Live he had walked out of an office when he "heard chaos" on the other side of the road.

"I saw a group of people, five or six of them, trying to fight off a guy - he had a sword in his hand," he said.

Image source, EPA

"There was about seven or eight police cars entering that road and, after another 10 minutes, I saw the guy running towards the station and entered the road opposite the station.

"He tried to get into one of the houses but couldn't get into it and that's when they Tasered him."

Hainault London Underground station was closed during the incident and local buses were diverted.

Ch Supt Bell said the boy's family was being supported by specialist officers at this "unimaginably difficult time".

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: "I'm sure I speak for the entire city when I say our thoughts are with this young child and his family."

He said additional uniformed officers would be in the area over the coming days and asked residents in Hainault to pass on any footage recorded on phones or doorbell cameras to the police.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described the incident as "shocking", adding: "Such violence has no place on our streets."

'Courageous response'

Wes Streeting, the MP for Ilford North, said the community would be "devastated by the heartbreaking news".

Thanking the emergency services for their "courageous response", he described the officers who had put themselves in harm's way to protect others as "the best of us".

Rick Prior, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said the attack was a "sad reminder" of the dangers officers faced to keep Londoners safe.

"It's often forgotten by people who attack our profession and the difficult and dynamic decisions which officers are confronted with on an hourly basis, that we work with heroes whose courage is incredible," he said.

The Metropolitan Police corrected the boy's age to 14 after previously stating that he was 13.

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Hainault: Boy, 14, killed in sword attack (2024)


Who was the boy who died in the sword attack? ›

A candlelit vigil in tribute to Daniel Anjorin, the teenage boy who was killed in a sword attack while walking to school in east London, was attended by more than 300 people on Sunday.

Who was the Hainault sword attacker? ›

A man has appeared at the Old Bailey accused of murdering a boy by running up behind him and slashing his neck and chest with a samurai sword. Marcus Arduini Monzo, 36, allegedly attacked 14-year-old Daniel Anjorin as he walked to school in Hainault, north-east London, on 30 April.

Who was the victim of the Hainault attack? ›

Daniel Anjorin, 14, was attacked with a sword in northeast London on Tuesday morning and suffered fatal wounds to his neck and chest. The candlelit vigil began late on Sunday morning at the Hainault Underground Station car park, minutes from Laing Close, where Daniel was attacked.

Who was the boy killed in the sword rampage? ›

Daniel Anjorin was on his way to school when he was killed in a sword rampage in northeast London. Four others, including two police officers, were left needing medical treatment. A man has been charged with murder after 14-year-old Daniel Anjorin was killed and four people were injured near a London Tube station.

Who was the killer in Hainault? ›

A man charged with murdering schoolboy Daniel Anjorin with a Samurai sword in London has appeared in court. Marcus Arduini Monzo, 36, was remanded into custody over the attack in Hainault on Tuesday morning.

Who was the 14-year-old boy killed in London? ›

The 14-year-old boy killed in a sword attack in north-east London attended the same school as one of the Nottingham stabbing victims, the BBC understands. The teenager, Daniel Anjorin, died in Tuesday's attack in Hainault. He was a student at Bancroft's in Woodford Green where Grace O'Malley-Kumar attended.

What nationality was the Hainault attacker? ›

Marcus Aurelio Arduini Monzo, a Spanish-Brazilian national, is charged with murdering Daniel Anjorin, who was stabbed on his way to school on Tuesday morning.

Why is Hainault called? ›

Hainault's name comes from the Old English higna holt, meaning a 'wood belonging to a monastic community', in this case the Abbey of Barking. It was first recorded in 1221, as Henehout, and in 1513 it was spelt Heynold.

Who was the black queen Philippa of Hainault? ›

She was the first African Queen of England. Philippa was of Moorish ancestry, born in Valenciennes in the County of Hainaut in the Low Countries of northern France. Her parents were William I, Count of Hainaut, and Joan of Valois, Countess of Hainaut, granddaughter of Philip III of France.

What happened in Hainault? ›

Hainault stabbing: Everything we know as latest pictures of incident emerge. Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell updated the public on the "truly horrific" stabbing attack. A 14-year-old boy has died and two police officers have "significant injuries" after an attack near a Tube station in northeast London.

Who was John II Count of Hainault? ›

John II (born c. 1247—died September 11?, 1304, Hainaut) was the count of Hainaut (1280–1304) and of the Dutch provinces of Holland and Zeeland (1299–1304), who united the counties and prevented the northward expansion of the house of Dampierre, the counts of Flanders.

Who were the victims of the Ratcliffe Highway Murders? ›

Ratcliff Highway murders
Postmortem sketch of John Williams, supposed murderer
Date7 and 19 December 1811
DeathsTimothy Marr, Celia Marr, Timothy Marr (3 mos.), James Gowan, John Williamson, Elizabeth Williamson, and Bridget Anna Harrington
3 more rows

Who was the swordsman in London? ›

Police arrested a 36-year-old man at the scene. On Wednesday, he was in police custody after spending time in hospital where he was treated for his injuries. That evening, police named the man as Marcus Aurelio Arduini Monzo and charged him with the murder of Daniel.

Who was the guy in the London sword attack? ›

Marcus Arduini Monzo, 36, who has dual Spanish and Brazilian citizenship, is charged with murder in the death of Daniel Anjorin, 14, who was slain as he walked to school Tuesday morning in a northeast London suburb.

Who kills by the sword dies by the sword? ›

Anyone destined to die by the sword will die by the sword. This means that God's holy people must endure persecution patiently and remain faithful. KJV He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

Who was the boy who pulled the sword from the stone? ›

Despite being only a boy at the time, the legendary Arthur Pendragon is the only one capable of pulling the magical sword out of the stone, thus becoming King Arthur. Many legends surround King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. These stories are collectively known as the Arthurian legends.

Who was the guy with the sword over his head? ›

Damocles couldn't believe his luck, but just as he was starting to enjoy the life of a king, he noticed that Dionysius had also hung a razor-sharp sword from the ceiling. It was positioned over Damocles' head, suspended only by a single strand of horsehair.


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