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Master the art of domination in the Clash of Clans Builder Hall arena with our expert attack strategies that will leave your opponents in ruins.

Follow Up With The Best Builder Hall Attack Strategies of the Moment

Get ready to witness the most powerful Builder Hall Attack Strategies executed by the world's top Clash of Clans players as they make their way up the leaderboard.

These top-tier players bring you live recordings of their attacks, so you can see the action as it unfolds and trust in their incredible skills. It's like being right there in the heat of battle, watching these amazing players do their thing!

Dominate with the Best Builder Hall 10 Attack Strategies

Our playlist's primary mission is to give you content about Builder Hall, where you can discover the mightiest armies for this mode.

In the process, we'll introduce you to some of the world's top players and the armies they use to conquer the Leaderboard. It's all about helping you become a Builder Hall expert!

Who Can Find These Videos Useful?

No matter if you're a seasoned player looking to level up your skills or simply a fan craving some top-notch Builder Hall action, this playlist is tailor-made for you. You're in for a real treat, all guided by the fantastic Hooked.

Our aim goes beyond entertainment; we're here to assist players of all levels in enhancing their gameplay and making their way up the ranks.

We've got a precious collection of highly valuable videos that will teach you the skills and elevate your Builder Hall Attacks each season. It's like having a secret stash of knowledge to help you become a Builder Hall pro!

When do We Upload New Builder Hall Content?

Our usual routine is to drop fresh content in this playlist every week.

But just to keep you in the loop, we release new videos as soon as we discover a trending or exceptionally effective Builder Hall Attack Strategy that deserves a spot in the Clash World spotlight.

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Featuring the Best CoC BH10 Attacks done by Top players

We aim to showcase the absolute best Clash of Builder Hall Attack Strategies that are making waves right now. These strategies come straight from the world's finest players, and we're here to provide you with a detailed look at various armies and tactics.

You'll find strategies used by the top players who dominate the Leaderboard. These are the best minds in the game, and we're here to bring their brilliance to you.

▶️ Builder Hall AttacksPlaylist

We hope you enjoy watching these skilled players in action and that you find our content both entertaining and educational.

Thank youfor joining us on this journey through the Builder Hall.

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ELECTROFIRE WIZARDS absolutely DESTROY Top Players! Builder Base BH10 Attacks

💙 In this video, I used the electrofire wizards to shock the competition, leading me to reach #1 in the united states, and #16 in all of Clash of Clans!
The Electrofire Wizards have always been a legendary troop in the Builder Base since 2.0 dropped, with a very powerful attack similar to the Electrodragons.


TOP 2 Builder Hall 10 ATTACK STRATEGIES | Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0

▶️ Power P.E.K.K.A.S. and Cannon Carts are now stronger than ever. Watch King Bob dominate the leaderboards with these Top 2 Builder Hall 10 attack strategies!

💙 Today King Bob shares with us the BEST 2 Attack Strategies to crush any Builder Base.


CRUSH ALL BH10’s with this SECRET Strategy | Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0

💙 Today King Bob shows us his unstoppable strategy that has placed him at number 1 in the World.


RANK 1 Player SWAGS BATTLE MACHINE at 10,500 Trophies | Is Builder Base Broken? | Clash of Clans

💙 In today's video watch MercifulAJ as he claims #1 in the world in Builder Base 2.0! He has a unique strategy we've never seen before that simply crushes Builder Hall 10 bases! We also talk about the biggest problems with Builder Base pushing and how that might spell the end for the game mode.

MercifulAJ has a YouTube channel if you wish to see more of him!


WORLD RECORD +500 TROPHIES Pushed in 8 MINUTES | Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0

💙 Today I saw how fast I could push 500 trophies in the most efficient way possible. Pretty surprised with the outcome!


King Bob Demolishes BH10 with the Mass BABY DRAGONs | Builder Hall 10 Attack Strategy

💙 Brace yourself as King Bob (BH10 builder at Blueprint) demolishes bases using the mighty Baby Dragons. With precision and unwavering determination, he showcases the true potential of this overpowered troop composition.


Synthe SWAGS with DROP SHIPS and BETA MINIONS?! Creative War in Builder Base | Clash of Clans BH10

💙 Today, watch the best attacks from the recent Builder Hall 10 War we did! This was a creative war so expect some epic hits including Hooked, Synthe and Kingbob!


RANK 1 Players vs PROS! BUILDER HALL 10 3v3 War | What is the BEST STRATEGY? Clash of Clans BB 2.0

💙 Our very first Builder Hall War! Today watch Synthe, General X and Hooked take on Void, Kingbob and TK! Should be an awesome time!


6 STAR with BARCH?! NEW Creative Army for all Builder Halls | Clash of Clans BH10 Attacks

We are just scratching the surface of Builder Base strategies but this one could be the most unique so far! Barch, whilst not as strong as mass pekkas or baby drags, is heaps of fun to learn and super satisfying when you triple.


SYNTHE is Rank 1 in the WORLD with 5 CANNON CARTS?! 6 Stars BH10 Strategy | Clash of Clans

This new Builder Hall 10 strategy took us by surprise! Looking after 5 cannons cart sounds like too much work but if you know what you're doing (like Synthe) this strategy should need you many 6 star attacks!

Get a coaching session with the CANNON CART GOAT: Pro Session Synthe


EASY 6 STARS With This NEW OP BH10 Attack Strategy | Clash of Clans Builder Hall 10 Army

This Builder Hall 10 Army I use is my favorite army in all of Builder Base! It crushes any base with cannon cart value with extreme consistency; time is your only concern!


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Best Builder Hall 10 Attack Strategies ⚔️ BH10 Army
      – Blueprint CoC (2024)


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