Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for TH10 (2024) (2024)

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for TH10 (2024) (1)

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Clash of Clans is a game all about strategy and planning ahead. The game gives players access to a huge number of different options for building up your army and using them to attack enemy players in creative ways. But not all strategies were made equal. Some are good, and some are bad.

That’s why we are here. To give you some advice on what we feel are the best ways to build your army. And to make sure that you come out of every battle on top. In this guide, we will be listing several different army compositions and the best strategies to use with them to win more fights.

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General Strategies & Tips

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this article, let’s first go over some basic strategies and tips for you to do well. First, I recommend that you give the single-player campaign and practice mode a go if you have not already. These are great ways to practice winning battles and can sharpen your skills as a tactician. They are also a great way of getting some resources, which you can use to upgrade your troops and train more units.

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for TH10 (2024) (5)

When it comes to launching an attack, you are going to want to make sure you prioritize the right targets. Destroying a town hall will always net you at least one star, but generally, it’s better to focus on destroying enemy defenses instead. Pay attention to the defenses that make up your enemy’s base. If there are lots of air defenses and you have only ground troops, then focus more on buildings that can damage ground units.

One special type of unit in the game is the hero units. These are special troops that do not need to be trained in a barracks or held in an army camp. You just need to place down their building at your camp and you can use them in battle. Always make sure to use them! They are very helpful and can tank some damage to your troops. They also have special abilities that can be activated mid-fight. The Archer Queen for example can turn invisible temporarily if you have the upgrade for it.

Clash of Clans: Best Armies & Attack Strategies for Town Hall Level 10

Without further ado, let’s get into this guide for Clash of Clans: The Best Armies & Attack Strategies For Town Hall Level 10.

6 – Archers + Hog Riders + Wall Breakers + Healing Spells

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for TH10 (2024) (6)

First one up on our list, it’s an army of Archers, combined with Hog Riders and Wall Breakers. This is a pretty interesting combination that not many people do. Archers are pretty self-explanatory: they are an early game unit that you can unlock almost immediately after you start your playthrough. They will do ranged damage to a single target. They are deadly in large groups. And with a level 10 town hall, you should most definitely have enough army camp space to deploy LOADS of them.

Hog Riders are a quick and nimble unit that has the unique ability to jump over walls. This, combined with their priority to attack defensive units, make them a really great unit for quickly getting rid of enemy defensive towers. Keep in mind that they don’t have much health, so you’d be wise to produce a LOT of them before starting a battle.

As for wall Breakers, these guys will run toward the nearest walls and blow themselves up. This creates a gap in defenses that allow other units (such as the archers) to break inside the enemy base. They do high damage and you should be able to very easily break into the outer wall of an enemy camp with no problem. I recommend that you produce enough for a small group of them. Deploying on the individual is likely to get killed by enemy defenses.

Here is how this strategy should go. First, find a spot in the base camp with lots of enemy defenses. Deploy your hog riders first and let them jump over the enemy walls to begin taking out defenses. Drop a healing potion on them to immediately begin to heal them of any damage. Now drop some Wall Breakers while the enemy defenses are occupied. They will blow open a gap. Finally, deploy your archers. They will take out all nearby buildings before moving into the base through the gap.

5 – Valkyries + Healers + Rage Spells + Lightning Spells

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for TH10 (2024) (7)

Up next, let’s talk about a composition that is very effective for defeating enemy units and quickly destroying groups of buildings. It’s a composition of Valkyries, Healers, and Rage Spells. Valkyries are axe-wielding female warriors that have the ability to deal a close-range AoE attack with her axe. This attack can deal a huge amount of damage quickly and is best for killing multiple targets, be it enemy units or buildings. She is one of the more underutilized units, which is a shame as she is very good.

Healers are a flying-type unit that have the ability to regenerate the health of any friendly units located nearby. They are a great unit to pair with Valkyries. This is because they will constantly heal them, allowing them to survive for longer. Valkyries are surprisingly tanky, meaning they can take a lot of hits before dying. This means they won’t be instantly killed by enemy defenses, so they have enough survivability that they can be healed before their health reaches zero.

Now comes the spells. A Rage Spell will dramatically buff your units, allowing them to deal more damage and to move faster. This is great as it boosts the offensive capabilities of your units. Then we have Lightning Spells. These will do damage to any targets that they are dropped on. They are one of the earliest spells that you unlock in the game, and also one of the best for taking out a defensive structure before the fight even begins.

  • 20 valkyries, 11 healers, 3 rage spells, 5 lightning spells
  • 24 valkyries, 3 healers, 4 rage spells, 3 lightning spells

Here is the battle plan. First, use your Lightning Spells to destroy any Air Defenses. After that, deploy your Valkyries and some Healers behind them at whatever spot looks good. Your Valkyries will begin tearing up the enemy base, while your Healers keep them alive and well. You can then drop the Rage Spell on top of your Valkyries once they reach buildings with a lot of health. You can also just do it early on to allow them to easily topple the first line of defenses.

4 – Balloons + Minions + Rage Spells + Lightning Spells

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for TH10 (2024) (8)

Moving on, we have our next composition: Balloons, Minions, Rage Spells, and Lightning Spells! This is an air unit-only army that has become fairly popular among the community thanks to its efficiency. It primarily consists of Balloon units. These are skeleton troops that pilot a flying balloon. They will slowly move towards enemy buildings, and drop live bombs on top of them. These bombs deal high damage and make these troops really strong in groups.

Next up are Minions. These are a unit made of dark elixir that can only be made in a Dark Barracks. They are very agile and can fly across the battlefield quickly, allowing them to reach their targets fast. Minions deal ranged attacks at enemy buildings, and they have no priority target. Each one only takes up two housing spaces in an army camp. Because of this, you can have very big groups of them deployed on the field at once.

As for spells, this army composition uses both Rage Spells and Lightning Spells. Rage Spells will boost the damage and speed of all troops in their radius. This makes it very powerful when deployed on top of big groups of units. And lightning spells will deal damage to an enemy building that you drop them on. This makes them very good for preemptively taking out enemy defenses before they get a chance to attack any of your units.

  • 24 balloons, 60 minions, 3 rage spells, 5 lightning spells
  • 32 balloons, 40 minions, 4 rage spells, 3 lightning spells

So here is how I like to do this strategy. First, look for air defenses in the enemy base. Carefully drop a Lightning Spell on one one at a time (don’t use all of them at once, or you may waste them). After all the air defenses are destroyed (or at least damaged), deploy all of your Minions in a big group. Then follow that with the Balloons. The Minions will take most of the damage, allowing your Balloons to reach certain towers unharmed. Now use your Rage Spells to buff the damage from your troops.

3 – Giants + Archers + Dragons

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for TH10 (2024) (9)

And for the third army composition/strategy I want to talk about in this Clash of Clans guide for the Best Armies & Attack Strategies For Town Hall Level 10… We have Giants, Archers, and Dragons! Giants are a big, lumbering enemy type that you can actually unlock very early on in the game. They are designed to tank lots of damage from enemy towers and will prioritize defenses over other buildings. This priority target makes them great for quickly whipping out defenses.

Combine this with the fact that they don’t take up much space in the army camp, and you can have MANY of them deployed at once. Next, we have archers. These are also one of the first units that you unlock in the game. They are a ranged unit with great range that are absolutely DEVASTATING in large numbers. Speaking of which, this is the reason why they are so valuable even late game: they don’t take up much space in army camps, so you can have over a hundred of them deployed at once.

Lastly, we have the dragons. Dragons are a very strong and powerful unit that is excellent for dealing high damage to enemy bases. Dragons will do splash damage, which makes them very effective for taking out buildings that are close together. Additionally, they can fly over walls, making getting over barriers very easy. They are a unit you don’t unlock until around the mid-game. By the time you reach town hall level 10, you will most definitely have unlocked them by then.

  • 8 giants, 120 archers, 4 dragons
  • 12 giants, 80 archers, 5 dragons

When it comes to the actual battle strategy, here is what you do. First, find a spot at the enemy camp that features air defenses. Then deploy all of your giants next to them. Then, immediately deploy about 1/3 of your archers right after. Once the air defenses are down, deploy all of your dragons, followed by the rest of your archers. You should still have plenty of giants still standing. And with the archers and dragons to support them, you’ll topple the enemy base camp in no time!

2 – Dragons + Rage Spells + Healing Spells

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for TH10 (2024) (10)

The next army composition I want us to discuss is an army entirely composed of dragons… With healing spells and rage spells to boot. Dragons are a very powerful flying enemy that deals heavy damage to any and all buildings and hero units unfortunate enough to come across its flight path. They are one of my favorite unit types to use in Clash of Clans! And when I explain this army composition in more depth I think you’ll understand why.

When you approach an enemy base, you will want to first look for any anti-air buildings (archer towers, wizard towers, air defense, etc). You’ll want to deploy your dragons in big groups near these buildings so that they will be taken out first. You could also use lightning spells to take them out beforehand, but usually, that is not required. If you find your dragons reaching about half health, you will want to throw down a healing spell to keep them up and going.

Alternatively, you can use healing units instead of healing spells. But personally, I prefer spells as they don’t take up any unit slots, allowing you to have more dragons. There is another spell in the game which will enrage units, allowing them to fly faster and deal more damage to enemy buildings. This will make them incredibly powerful, and they can destroy buildings much faster.

  • 12 dragons, 3 rage spells, 2 healing spells
  • 12 dragons, 1 rage spells, 4 healing spells

I recommend you use them whenever your dragons start attacking non-defensive buildings while they are being attacked by defensive towers. This is because with the spell… They will destroy the buildings faster and will be able to move on to the defensive towers that are dealing damage to them. You can also use this spell when they get towards the center of the base, where the town hall is located. It will make short work of any remaining buildings inside of the enemy’s base camp.

1 – PEEKAs + Wizards + Wall Breakers

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for TH10 (2024) (11)

Up next on this list of the Best Armies & Attack Strategies For Town Hall Level 10 in Clash of Clans… We have Pekkas + Wizards + Wall Breakers. PEEKAs are large and imposing units with big health pools. They can tank a lot of damage, making them a late-game alternative to giants. One thing that makes them different is that they will attack any nearby building instead of prioritizing defensive buildings (like giants do). Because of that and their big health pool, you should deploy them first.

A great unit that you can use alongside PEKKAs is Wizards. The Wizards act as a ranged unit that will deal lots and lots of splash damage to any defenses or hero units they come across. This makes them a really great DPS-type unit that you can easily use to take down any defenses that get in your way. With the PEKKAs tanking most of the damage, they will be safe from any enemy towers. However, this duo is made even more effective with our third unit type…

Wall Breakers! These are an offensive unit that specializes in breaking, well, walls! They are a skeleton holding a giant bomb that will fearlessly run towards the enemy camp, blowing up a hold for your units to slip in. They don’t have much health and can be picked off easily, so be sure to send them in small groups. Once they destroy an enemy wall, that will create an opening for your other units to charge into the fight.

  • 6 PEEKAs, 12 wizards, 20 wall breakers
  • 5 PEEKAs, 23 wizards, 10 wall breakers

So when you get to the enemy camp, how should the fight go? Well, you should start by deploying a small group of wall breakers near an enemy defensive tower. Once the wall is down, send in your PEKKA units. Then spawn a whole bunch of Wizard units behind the PEKKAs. The PEKKAs will tank all the damage while the wizards take out everything in sight. This is a surefire way to deal lots of damage and secure a three-star victory!

Join the High Ground

We hope that you found this article covering the Best Armies & Attack Strategies For Town Hall Level 10 in Clash of Clans informative! What are your thoughts on our tips? Be sure to let us know them down in the comments section. And be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more content.

Happy gaming!

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Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for TH10 (2024) (2024)


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