What is the easiest way to get a PGA TOUR card? (2024)

What is the easiest way to get a PGA TOUR card?

The Korn Ferry Tour

Korn Ferry Tour
The Korn Ferry Tour is the developmental tour for the U.S.-based PGA Tour, and features professional golfers who have either not yet reached the PGA Tour, or who have done so but then failed to win enough FedEx Cup points to stay at that level.
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is the primary way to get there. Each season, the Korn Ferry Tour offers PGA TOUR membership for the following season to players who finish highest on the season-long standings, otherwise known as the Korn Ferry Tour Points List.

How hard is it to get a PGA Tour card?

The most direct way to earn a PGA TOUR card is to finish inside the top 30 on the Korn Ferry Tour Points List. Note: All players who make a cut in a Korn Ferry Tour event are exempt into First Stage of PGA TOUR Q-School presented by Korn Ferry that fall (can bypass pre-qualifying).

How do I get a PGA Pro card?

Requirements to Gain Membership Pertaining to the Program

1. Pass all knowledge tests and levels of the PGA/PGM Program 2. Maintain acceptable progress throughout the program 3. A total of 36 work experience credits must be earned in addition to fulfilling the PGA/PGM Program.

How many PGA Tour cards are given out each year?

A total of 50 PGA Tour cards for the next season is awarded at the end of the Finals. The 25 leading money winners during the Korn Ferry Tour regular season receive cards, and total money earned during the Finals determines the remaining 25 card earners.

How do you get invited to the PGA Tour?

PGA Tour membership is available for being a former major champion or multiple tournament winner. There are tons of PGA recognized tournaments that can earn you membership eligibility. Occasionally the PGA Tour will even make special invitations for players that don't meet the requirements.

What do you have to shoot to get your PGA card?

To enter into the PGA Professional Golf Management Program, the registrant must attempt the PAT at least once within two years prior to registration. Within that time frame, shoot one 18-hole score in a PAT that is equal to or less than the PAT target score for 18-holes, plus 5 strokes.

What handicap do you need to be a PGA pro?

Realistically if you want to try to get onto the PGA Tour, your handicap needs to be +3. If you're going to earn a living on Tour, you need to perform to a handicap of +5. Over his historic 2000 season, Tiger Woods played to an equivalent handicap of +9!

Can anyone become a PGA member?

To become a PGA Member, you'll need to become a registered Associate before completing the PGA Professional Golf Management (PGA PGM) Program–an award-winning educational program designed for aspiring PGA Professionals that focuses on the People, the Business and the Game.

Can anyone become a PGA pro?

PGA membership requires not only passing a competency exam, which many prepare for by attending a PGA golf management university program, but also requires a qualifying test, called the player ability test, to ensure the professional's own game is up to standard as well.

How much money do you need to win to keep your PGA card?

To maintain a PGA Tour card, a player generally needs to earn enough money to finish within the top 125 on the money list at the end of the season. The amount needed to achieve this varies from year to year, but it typically requires earning at least a few hundred thousand dollars.

How long do pros take to play 18?

On the PGA tour, professional golfers take around 10 minutes per hole. This averages out to around 3-4.5 hours for an 18-hole round.

How many clubs do PGA Tour players carry?

As a golfer reading this, you are likely aware that the rules of golf permit each player to carry no-more than 14 clubs in their bag for any given round. Having a limit on the number of clubs allows golfers to use strategic planning to determine which combination of clubs they will carry in their bag.

Who got PGA Tour cards?

5 golfer who secured PGA Tour cards at 2023 Q-School
  • Trace Crowe Tracy Wilcox/PGA TOUR via Getty Images. Blaine Hale Jr. ...
  • Blaine Hale Jr. Tracy Wilcox/PGA TOUR via Getty Images. ...
  • Hayden Springer Tracy Wilcox/PGA TOUR via Getty Images. Raul Pereda.
Dec 19, 2023

How good do you need to be to make the PGA Tour?

No one on the pro tours is a scratch golfer, though. To win money and keep winning money, you have to be able to play better than scratch - like shoot 4 under or 5 under each round at an “average” PGA Tour course. So you need a +4 handicap. You have to drive the ball accurately and far - like 275+ yards.

Can I become a pro golfer at 40?

The Oldest Golfer to Turn Pro

Doyle is proof that it's certainly possible to become a pro golfer in your 40s, but it is unlikely.

Do PGA Tour players pay an entry fee?

If you're short on time, here's a quick answer to your question: PGA Tour entry fees typically range from $100,000 to $200,000 per tournament. Exemption categories determine the fees players must pay. Top players get exemptions while others must pay the full entry fee or Monday qualify.

How do PGA players keep their card?

When the dust settles, what happens is the top 70 get a guaranteed slot in every PGA TOUR event, including invitationals and events with the biggest purses. They are set. Once a player is in the top 70, he's good for the next year. If he doesn't stay there, he has problems.

How do Korn Ferry players qualify for PGA Tour?

The top 30 players on the season-long standings at the conclusion of the 2023 Korn Ferry Tour Championship will earn PGA TOUR membership for the 2024 season. Here's a look at pathway access to the 2024 PGA TOUR ...

How many golfers hold a PGA card?

Each year, the 125 players with the most points are given a card for the next season. Those with a PGA Tour win in the last two years or those in the top 25 or top 50 in all-time earnings on the PGA Tour can also get year-long exemptions and access to the tour.

What is a scratch golfer mean?

A scratch golfer is a golfer who shoots par or better on a regular basis. These golfers have a handicap of zero. They can usually shoot in the 70s or better.

What is considered a bogey golfer?

In common usage, “bogey golfer” means a golfer who averages about one bogey per hole. (A bogey is a golf score of 1 over par on an individual hole. If the hole's par rating is 4 and a golfer scores 5 on the hole, that golfer has made a bogey.)

Do pro golfers mark their own cards?

But if you were referring to professional, then by PGA rules, they must keep their own score and sign it after their final round. Many golfers have been disqualified for incorrect scorecards. Roberto DeVencenzo (sp) lost a major back in the 60's due to an incorrect card. What do other PGA golfers think of Patrick Reed?

What is a Class A PGA member?

Class A Class 'A' status is carried by PGA Professionals who have a PGA qualification and who have either been qualified for less than three years, and/or who have not engaged in sufficient recognised professional development at the time of the annual regrading of PGA Membership status.

How do you become a lifetime member of the PGA?

Eligibility: Members with 20 years of active classification and are retired. Not eligible for another active classification. Eligibility: Members who are retired and have achieved a combined total of 65 years or more of age and years of active classification.

What is PGA Q school?

In professional golf, the term qualifying school is used for the annual qualifying tournaments for leading golf tours such as the U.S.-based PGA and LPGA Tours and the European Tour.


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