AT&T Data Breach: What Is AT&T Doing for the 73 Million Accounts Breached? (2024)

Were you one of the 73 million current and former customers who had their personal information stolen in the AT&T breach? If so you should have heard from AT&T, letting you know you can sign up for one free year of credit monitoring and identity theft detection through Experian's IdentityWorks. In the wake of the breach, plaintiffs are starting to file class action lawsuits against AT&T.

The AT&T account breach appears to be from 2019 or earlier, the company said in a statement, and includes Social Security numbers and account information for approximately 65.4 million former customers and 7.6 million current account holders.

The data leak first came to light in 2021, whenhackers claimed they'd stolen customer data from AT&Tand would put the information up for sale. Fast-forward to March 2024, the stolen personal information was discovered on the dark web, according to Troy Hunt, creator of Have I Been Pwned.

In response, AT&T said it has contacted the 7.6 million current customers and has reset their passcodes. Whether you're in the smaller set of current customers or the larger group of former account holders who think their data has been stolen in the breach, you can take steps to potentially lessen the damage of the breach. Read on for what you can do. AT&T didn't immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.

For more, here are our picks for the best identity theft protection and monitoring servicesand how Consumer Report's permission slip can help you take control of your online data.

What to know about the AT&T data leak

AT&T on March 30 said that the personal information of 73 million current and former customers was leaked in mid-March to the dark web. The company said the stolen information appears to be from 2019 or earlier, and it does not know if the information came from AT&T or one of its vendors.

What personal information was stolen in the AT&T breach?

According to AT&T, which customer and account data was stolen may vary by account, but thieves had access to customers' full name, email address, mailing address, phone number, Social Security number, date of birth, AT&T account number and passcode. AT&T said the information doesn't appear to contain personal financial information or call history.

What is AT&T doing for the 73 million customers whose data was stolen?

In addition to resetting passcodes, AT&T said it is providing the 73 million current and former customers whose accounts were breached identity-theft and credit-monitoring services throughExperian's IdentityWorks for one year for free.

AT&T said customers need to sign up for identity theft protection service by Aug. 30, 2024.

What is an AT&T passcode?

A customer's passcode is essentially a numerical PIN and is usually four digits. A passcode is different from a password and is required to complete an AT&T installation, perform personal account functions by phone or contact technical support by phone, AT&T said.

How to reset your AT&T passcode

AT&T said it has already reset the passcodes for those active accounts where data was stolen but recommends if you haven't changed your passcode in the past year, you should change yours as a precaution. Here's how to change your AT&T passcode.

  1. Head to yourmyAT&T Profile. Sign in, if asked. (If you have extra security enabled and can't sign in, AT&T says to chooseGet a new passcode)
  2. Scroll toMy linked accounts
  3. SelectEditfor the passcode you want to update
  4. Follow the prompts to finish up

Where can you check if you are part of the AT&T breach

AT&T said it will email or mail a letter to the 7.6 million current customers whose data was stolen, explaining the incident, what information was compromised and what it is doing in response. The company said it has reset passcodes for affected current customers. The company said it is also communicating with the 65.4 million former account holders whose data was stolen.

You don't have to wait for AT&T to contact you. Using Have I Been Pwned, you can check whether your data has been leaked. If you store your password information in a Google account, the company'sPassword Checkup tool can alert you if your account information has been exposed. The premium version of our favorite password manager, Bitwarden, can check for stolen passwords on the web.

Changing your passcode and password, if AT&T hasn't contacted you, can help secure your account.

How to monitor your credit report for fraud

If you think your personal information was part of the AT&T breach, you can watch your credit reports for signs of potential fraud.

Monitor your credit reports. You get one free credit report a year from the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. On your report, look for unusual or unfamiliar activity, such as the appearance of new accounts you didn't open. Watch your credit card accounts and bank statements for unexpected charges and payments.

Sign up for a credit monitoring service. Pick a credit monitoring service that constantly monitors your credit report on major credit bureaus and alerts you when it detects unusual activity. To help with the monitoring, you can set fraud alerts that notify you if someone is trying to use your identity to create credit. Anidentity-theft-protection service like LifeLock can start at $7.50 a month -- or you could use a free credit-monitoring service like the one from Credit Karma.

What to do if you suspect you're a victim of fraud or identity theft

As soon as you suspect your personal information has been stolen, take action to stop unauthorized charges and start to recover your identity.

Place a fraud alert. If you suspect fraud, place a fraud alert with each of the credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The alert notifies creditors that you have been a victim of fraud and lets them know to verify new credit requests in your name. You can place an initial fraud alert, which stays on your credit report for 90 days, or an extended fraud alert, which stays on your credit report for seven years. Placing a fraud alert won't affect your credit score.

Contact fraud departments. For each business and credit card company where you think an account was opened or charged without your knowledge, contact its fraud department. While you're not responsible for fraudulent charges to an account, you need to report the suspicious activity promptly.

Freeze your credit. If you want to stop anyone from opening credit and requesting loans and services in your name without your permission, you can freeze your credit. You will need to request a freeze with each of the three credit reporting companies, which again areEquifax, Experian and TransUnion. To apply for new credit, you need to unfreeze your credit through each of the credit reporting companies. You can either request a temporary lift of the freeze or unfreeze it permanently.

Create a recovery plan.The Federal Trade Commission has a valuable tool that helps youreport identity theft and recover your identitythrough a personal recovery plan andIdentity Theft Report, which you can use to dispute charges.

Document everything. Keep copies of all documents and expenses and records of your conversations about the theft.

For more, here are our favorite password managers and the best VPN services.

AT&T Data Breach: What Is AT&T Doing for the 73 Million Accounts Breached? (2024)


AT&T Data Breach: What Is AT&T Doing for the 73 Million Accounts Breached? ›

What is AT&T doing for the 73 million customers whose data was stolen? In addition to resetting passcodes, AT&T said it is providing the 73 million current and former customers whose accounts were breached identity-theft and credit-monitoring services through Experian's IdentityWorks for one year for free.

What is AT&T doing about the breach? ›

The company is notifying current customers about the security breach and its response through email or letter. Furthermore, AT&T plans to provide complimentary identity theft and credit monitoring services to those affected by the breach.

Is AT&T offering free credit monitoring? ›

They also offered complimentary identity theft and credit monitoring services, a service they continue to offer in addition other new features, like a $1 million insurance policy and help from an identity restoration team, according to reporting by KPRC-TV. Here's what we know.

How much can I get for data breach? ›

There's No Set Data Breach Amount, But…

It's important to note that there's no one “set,” fixed amount for how much a person could receive from a data breach case. For example, there are so many factors that can go into it, such as the severity of the injury you suffered (typically financial damage but not always).

What happens if your data is breached? ›

A data breach occurs when information held by an organisation is stolen or accessed without authorisation. Criminals can then use this information when creating phishing messages (such as emails and texts) so that they appear legitimate.

How do I know if I am affected by the AT&T data breach? ›

The company added that if you were affected by the breach, AT&T will reach out by mail or email and offer complimentary identity theft and credit monitoring services. Concerned customers with any questions can also call AT&T wireless customer service at 1-800-331-0500.

Is AT&T investigating a leak of personal data from 73 million customers? ›

More than 73 million current and former customers now have information like their social security number, address, and more out in the open. According to AT&T, the leak was published two weeks ago. So far, all the data is from 2019 or earlier.

Why do I have to pay for credit monitoring? ›

Credit monitoring services can track and alert you of potential fraud on your credit reports, but many of these programs charge a monthly fee. While there are free credit monitoring services, they often have fewer features and protections than paid services.

Why would AT&T have my Social Security number? ›

How AT&T uses your Social Security number. AT&T uses this information to confirm your identity during the credit inquiry. Please be assured that it is safe to provide us with this information as AT&T uses 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to keep your personal information safe.

Does AT&T check credit for cell phones? ›

Review the charges associated with any service or wireless plan, installment plan, or add-ons. Be required to complete a (and have a satisfactory) credit check.

How much compensation can you receive for a data breach? ›

If you had your personal information leaked or compromised, you may be able to claim up to £2,000 or more in data breach compensation under UK laws called Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.

Can I ask for compensation for a data breach? ›

To address any harm you endured, the law gives you the right to seek financial compensation following a data breach. You can and should seek legal recourse from a company that exposed your data, and you can file a lawsuit to obtain payment for your losses.

Can I sue a company if my data is breached? ›

Individuals may sue businesses for damages resulting from the leak of personal information, including medical records, bank accounts and tax returns.

Did AT&T have a data breach recently? ›

The data breach is the latest cyberattack AT&T has experienced since a leak in January 2023, that affected nine million users. By contrast, Saturday's much larger breach impacts 73 million current and former AT&T account holders. AT&T has seen several data breaches over the years that range in size and impact.

What do hackers do with breached data? ›

The crown jewel of cybercrimes, identity theft, is where hackers really hit the jackpot. Using your personal data, these crooks can impersonate you and open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, or even take out loans, all in your name.

What gets stolen during a data breach? ›

A data breach is any security incident in which unauthorized parties gain access to sensitive or confidential information, including personal data (Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, healthcare data) or corporate data (customer data records, intellectual property, financial information).

How do I file a claim with AT&T settlement? ›

Consumers can contact the claims administrator by calling 1-877-654-1982 or emailing if they have questions or if they would like to request a claim form.

Where can I check if my data has been breached? ›

F‑Secure helps you to check if your private information appears in known data breaches. Email address or breach information won't be stored.

Who do I contact if my data has been breached? ›

If you find that someone is using your information to commit fraud, can help you report that, too. Find out how to recover from a data breach at

What is the AT&T fee lawsuit? ›

California AT&T customers claimed in a class action lawsuit that AT&T has charged its post-paid wireless service customers a monthly Administrative Fee that was unfair and not adequately disclosed. AT&T has denied and continues to deny that it did anything wrong or that the lawsuit has any merit.


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